About me

Hi and welcome to banjoparadise.ch!!! I go by the name of Hellmuth Fischer aka Helmi :-)

I am an old fellow coming from the dixieland jazz scene, always to be found around my banjo… As a collector and lover of Banjos I would like to invite you into my world. I play my instruments regularly by myself and with my band here in switzerland, the Bauchnuschti Stompers. Check out our events page for upcoming events. Throughout the years I’ve also managed quite a large collection of banjos and it seems like I am running out of space. On this site you will find a gallery of all my banjos, if you find any instrument that interests you just get in touch with me by filling out the contact form.

With this website I would like to share with you my personal banjo collection and love for banjos, step into my paradise! A paradise full of banjos!!!

The contact form has not been working recently so you may send me an e-mail to:

or call me at:
+41 76 570’21’09