These are a few of my Banjo and Guitar books which I would like to sell.
If you’re intressted in buying on of these books then please make sure
you fill out the contact form correctly and I will get in touch with you
as soon as possible.

Banjo – The Tsumura Collection (1920-1940)The same masterful photography as in “1001 Banjos,” but in a smaller and less expensive format. Mostly covers resonator banjos made from 1920-1940 but also has sections on new makers and Gibson custom instruments. A two page chart lists 113 addtional vintage banjos from the previous book and there are more in the later sections. Over 670 beautiful banjos in all. Makers include Bacon & Day, Epiphone, Gibson, Gretsch, Iucci, Leedy, Ludwig, Majestic, Paragon, Paramount, Slingerland, Stromberg, Trujo, Vega, Weymann, Washburn, Chevin, Busato, and others. Limited supply. Softcover. 736 pp. Book Tsumura
Banjos – The Tsumura Collection (Akira Tsumura)This brilliant book by Akira Tsumura and showing some of his own amazing collection has been long out of print, but it’s highly sought after because it is unlikely ever to be published again.

168 pages of superb information and fabulous color photographs about all the major Banjo producers of the Jazz Age, plus Classic Banjos, Banjos of the Minstrel Age, Banjo Ukes & Ukuleles, Banjo Curios, Banjo Patents, and others. For anyone interested in Banjos this publication is a must.

Book Tsumura
Guitars – The Tsumura Collection (Akira Tsumura)This beautiful book features hundreds of splendidly clear color photographs of some of the finest guitars ever built. The collection’s emphasis is on fancy arch-top jazz guitars by the best makers, with plenty of tenor guitars, electric steels, ukuleles, and flat tops. Makers include D’Angelico, D’Aquisto, Epiphone, Gibson, Gretsch, Stromberg, Koontz, Guild, Fender, Selmer, Martin, Bacon and Day (B&D), Paramount, Regal, Goya, Levin, Recording King, Washburn, National, Vega, T&J, Roger, Este, Hoyer, Lang, Carl Hofner, Harmony, Jonah Kumalae, Kamaka, Nunes, Henry Grove, Tabu, Royal Hawaiian, Kalai, Bergstrom, Paul Summers, Rickenbacker, Supro, Oahu, Magnatone, Electromuse, and Danelectro. Hardcover. 192 pp. Book Tsumura